JC Penney Teaches Fashion Brands A Lesson About Promoting Self-Love And Body Confidence

JC Penney Teaches Fashion Brands A Lesson About Promoting Self-Love And Body Confidence

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Fashion brands could stand to learn a thing or two about promoting body confidence from JC Penney’s latest advert.

The American department store released the ‘Here I Am’ video on YouTube and it racked up 40,000 views in 48 hours. 

The three-minute film follows five plus size women on a journey of self-love, starting off by asking the women if they would be “happier” if they were thinner.

Gabi Fresh, Valerie Sagun, Jes Baker, Mary Lambert, and Ashley Nell Tipton all agree that, despite facing criticism about their weight throughout their lives, they are happy with their bodies.

Baker said: “We are countering a lifetime of learnt hatred. I thought I couldn’t wear a bikini. I can. And I love it.”

Nell Tipton said: “We are not shy, we are not trying to hide. I’m beautiful, I am sexy, I am everything.”


The video is an advert for JC Penny’s new plus size clothing range and with body image being a hot topic at the moment, we think all stores should take note.

Swedish high street store H&M was recently shamed by a size 14 woman who couldn’t fit into a pair of size 16 jeans – the largest in stock.

Ruth Clemens wrote an open letter on Facebook pointing out the “unrealistically small” sizing in the shop.

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