Dad Draws Up ‘Family Dog Contract’ For Kids Desperate To Get A Puppy

Dad Draws Up ‘Family Dog Contract’ For Kids Desperate To Get A Puppy

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A dad who was reluctant to get a family dog drew up a “contract” laying out the rules everyone would need to abide by if he bought the pet. 

Reddit user rjohnstone13 demanded all family members read the 13 rules and signed on the dotted line before he would consider going ahead.

Standouts from the list include: dad never having to pick up dog poop, dad having veto power over the dog’s name and the dog never being referred to as a child or sibling.

“All parties must agree the dog is a dog,” he wrote. 


Family members also had to agree the dog wouldn’t be included on the family Christmas card and they couldn’t fall out of love with him.

Oh, and he wasn’t allowed the scratch the floor.

Thankfully,the dad’s three daughters and wife all signed the contract. Two weeks later, they got a three-year-old puppy.

What a cutie!

Comment from discussion dog contract created by reluctant dad.
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